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Bloody Wing Angel

New Cover!!

Posted by jinxdkarma on 2009.10.01 at 11:39

I know the point is to "wreck" the journal (just wait till you see the inside)...but I decided that the cover should be a little misleading. :)


SWAP-BOT Swap! Make a WTJ!

Posted by pika_loli on 2009.09.15 at 15:07

SWAP-BOT IS FREE (and addicting)!!

Another Wreck This Journal Swap

The rules are super easy!!
* Don't spend much on a book, composition notebook, sketchbook or journal, since the end result is to trash it, but make it around 80-100 pages at least please.
* Alter the front and back cover to the theme "wreck this journal".
* Write at least 40 activities on the front of each page of the inside for the recipient to "wreck".
* Send to your partner, so they can follow the directions and literally trash or wreck the journal!

For inspiration and further description on this, check out the original "Wreck this Journal" website: http://www.wreckthisjournal.com

Some ideas to get you started:
* Cover this page with Circles
* Cover this page with the stickers that come on fruit
* Scrub this page with something
* Press flowers and leaves onto this page
* Use this page as a napkin

Remember, you won't wreck the journal yourself, but are creating one for your partner to "wreck", you're just making the instructions for your partner. Once you get your journal from your partner you can have fun wrecking it.

* All good swappers only and new swappers with a complete profile.
* No recent no-sends.


I have sucked two more friends in!

Posted by pika_loli on 2009.09.15 at 10:29
Current Location: Bedford, TX & Ventress, LA
Current Mood: giddygiddy
--- but they won't/can't post on LJ. So I'm going to share their WTJ pics, too!

WTJ - 02 This Book Belongs To (edited), originally uploaded by BigPikaChica.

My journal arrived at my office safely over the weekend, but I didn't get to take it home until yesterday afternoon. So while I had some quiet time, before the hubby and roommates got home, I broke out my pens and picked the next appropriate page.


If I lose it, or if I accidentally get drunk and leave it somewhere (like Razzoos or Ventress, LA), I want the person that finds it to know where it belongs.


I've also been thinking about hosting a non-WTJ Wreck This Journal swap on Swap-Bot. The last one, that I can find, ended at the end of July. I am seriously debating on starting another.... seriously... seriously...

Wreck This Journal & Bourbon, originally uploaded by pugsushi.

AJ received her copy of Wreck this Journal and I could hear the squeels all the way in Texas! I didn't mean to make another of our friends, Shanna, jealous... So she is going to join us in our journal wrecking!

Of course, I might steal a pic or few and post them here to show their progress. AJ's internet service swamp-net is quite unreliable, but I must share her awesome wrecking!! I'm just gonna steal and post Shanna's pics because I can. ;o)

This Journal Belongs To..., originally uploaded by pugsushi.

Those are some of my nicknames. I added the Domo sticker since I have had the thing for over two years and it was just hanging out on the bulletin board. Welcome to your new home pirate Domo.

--- swiped from AJ's Flickr

Posted by pika_loli on 2009.09.11 at 14:50
Current Location: Bedford, Texas (76022)
Current Mood: amusedamused
I just received my copy and I was looking for a LJ group about it. Since no one has posted on MONTHS, I thought I would try to bring this group back to life.

WTJ - 01 Mail It To Yourself (edited) -- before mailing

So, I broke down and picked up "Wreck This Journal". The very first activity I saw was "TAPE THIS JOURNAL CLOSED. MAIL IT TO YOURSELF." Before I left for work, I fished out my postage stamp stash and began sticking enough an excessive amount of postage. FUN! I love getting mail, so this was perfect!

I love the idea of this book so much, I went out and bought another copy today and proceeded to stamp and mail it to a friend. However, I did make a label to go over "yourself", which changed it to "a friend". I hope she posts pics of her finished pages, too.

All I have to say is that $3.56 & $3.57 are more than enough to mail this book via USPS First Class! I can't wait to get it back so I can play with it more!!

Roses are Geeky

Newly Wrecking

Posted by caitirin on 2009.03.26 at 21:30
I just got my copy tonight!

I am having SUCH fun!!

Spine Decoration

Rogue night elf

Yay first post!

Posted by nonvenomous on 2009.03.11 at 15:50
A while ago I was introduced to Wreck This Journal by the lovely believe_in_me. I was intrigued and hooked. I had to get one. So on Saturday, Feb 28th, I got one. I decided that I would post pictures of the progress as I wreck the journal :)Collapse )

Kurt born this way

Where's the fire?

Posted by panthouse on 2009.01.20 at 16:38
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
I got my Wreck This Journal last week and have been enjoying wrecking it intensely : D So I thought I'd share some pictures.
I burned the 'Burn This Page' page today, so my whole house smells like burnt paper xD

Here's the fire!Collapse )

Half evil - 333

My book, this journal

Posted by undefined on 2008.10.02 at 21:47
Current Location: Home
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Dodgeball playing in the background
I have completely forgotten about this journal and my book.

As for my book.. it is missing... most likely thrown out by the husband as it was really smelling bad. I'm not sure if it was the garlic oil, tomato sauce, candle wax, dirt or shower that did it in. If by chance I can find it, I will finish it as it wasn't that far off.

Either way I'm going to pick up a new one this weekend and start over. Unfortunately I'm not going to get the plane take off/landings 'drawings' again. *sigh*

But I will try my hardest to post every week with a new updated page until it is done.

Please feel free to post pictures of your pages.

If you need someplace to host your pictures, mail them to me at col_brandon @ livejournal . com and I will host them on my site for you, of course you will get full credit.

Half evil - 333

Status of my book....

Posted by undefined on 2007.10.04 at 15:13
I just got mine back in the mail. I shipped it off to one of my co-workers in another state and he finally got around to "wrecking" a couple of pages and mailing it.

I will be getting photos this weekend. While my book is not nearly as nice as the flickr photos it is mine.

Though right now it smells kinda funny. Raspberry candle wax, crayon's, permanent marker and olive oil just don't blend well. I think it is shower time soon. (For the book that is....)

2 and 1/2 hours of wrecking.

Posted by ash_2_ash on 2007.09.08 at 00:47
So, I just got my book tonight.

It's not the same book anymore.

Let me explainCollapse )

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